Register for dorm and meal plan: Apply Now

Registration for dorm housing will close July 1!

Dorm housing will include either a double or single room.  There is a 2-night consecutive stay minimum.  You will also have to purchase a meal card to coincide with your stay. Housing and meal plan will be combined into one payment. All minors will need to accompanied by an adult during the conference.  We have a limited number of units for minors and guardians.  You can have a registered paying roommate in a double suite of the same sex.  Both roommates will each need to pay the daily dorm and meal fees. Areas will have shared bathrooms in the dorms so separation will need to be based on gender. 

Check in will start at noon on July 29th

Room will include Cup, soap, pillow, pillowcase, blanket,

sheets, towel and washcloth put in room and beds made. (Housing service is only once upon arrival)

Dorm and meal plans are refundable until July 1, 2018. 

You can check in starting July 29, 2018 and check out will be August 5, 2018.

There will be a $100 dorm key deposit held in your dorm/meal registration cart.  The charge will only be levied if you lose your key.

Debit Meal plan will include an allowance of 22.60 per day for your meals. Once you have exhausted your meal funds you will need to pay with cash or credit card at the meal locations.  There will be no meals on your last morning of stay.  For those checking in on July 29 there will be lunch and dinner that day.  Your excess meal funds will stay in your account to use at a later time.  No refunds for unused meal expenses.

Dorm housing and meal per day with a 2-day minimum.

(7 nights) $589
(6 nights) $506
(5 nights) $423
(4 nights) $340
(3 nights) $257
(2 nights) $174